Wyliodrin Studio documentationΒΆ

Wyliodrin STUDIO is an educational platform for software and hardware development for IoT and Embedded Linux systems.

The application has been built as an extendable framework. The main architecture is a collection of plugins that add functionality. This approach has been chosen as different devices have very different ways of connecting and interacting with the computer and/or the browser.

The plugin system allows Wyliodrin STUDIO to be very flexible and extendable. Adding features such as supported devices or languages and event very different new functionalities is a matter of writing a new plugin.

The purpose of Wyliodrion STUDIO is to help its users deploy industrial IoT application, gain IoT knowledge and offer customized results in the same domain, by providing them a series of professional solutions:

  • Connect to devices using TCP/IP or serial port
  • Develop software and firmware for IoT in several programming languages
  • Shell access to the device
  • Import and export Wyliodrin STUDIO projects
  • Visual dashboard for displaying sensor data
  • Display the hardware schematics
  • Manage packages for Python and Javascript
  • Task manager for managing the device
  • Network connection manager for the device (Ethernet and WiFi)
  • Interactive electronics documentation (resistor color code)
  • Example projects and firmware
  • Wyliodrin API documentation in C/C++, Python and Javascript

For the moment, the devices supported by the platform are:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • MicroPython
  • UDOO Neo
  • BeagleBone Black

Also, the recognized programming languages at the time are:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Rust
  • Shell Script (bash)
  • Visual Programming (translates to Python)