Getting Started

In order for you to can start prototyping IoT applications or move to the next level by using our professional solution to develop and deploy Internet of Things systems, we offer you 3 different techniques to install the Wyliodrin Studio IDE.

Download the application

For Windows users:

Wyliodrin STUDIO beta_Windows 64 bit

For Linux users:

Wyliodrin STUDIO beta_Linux 64 bit

For Mac OS users:

Wyliodrin STUDIO beta_macOS

Use the web version

You also have the possibility to run and use a browser version of Wyliodrin Studio, by copying the following link into your browser address bar:

Build from source

If you wish to contribute to the improvement of the application or if you want to add your own features or plugins, our code is open source, which means you can clone it from our Github.

To download the source code, you must have a GitHub account. Open a terminal, choose the folder where you want to clone our repository and run the following command:

git clone

There are 2 methods to build and run the application:

To build the STANDALONE version, you will have to run the following commands:

npm install
npx electron-rebuild
npx webpack
npm run electron

To run the STANDALONE version , you will have to run the following command:

npm start

To build BROWSER version, you will have to delete the build folder, run:

npx webpack --config=webpack.browser.config.js
cd build
npm install

To run the BROWSER version , you will have to run the following command:

npm start

Once the application was installed and built, you can make changes on our source code, in order to improve it.